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BNP 250 Wetblast Cabinet
ZERO BNP 250 Wetblast cabinets deliver affordable, dust-free media blasting to efficiently clean and finish all kinds of parts. The wetblast process produces a smooth surface, a bright shine, and does not produce static electricity common in dry blast operations.

BNP 250 Wetblast Cabinets feature:
- Dust-free wetblasting reduces worker exposure to dust and static electricity build-up generated by dry blasting.
- Full-length waterproof neoprene-on-fabric gloves.
- Safety interlocks interrupt blasting if either door is opened.
- Double-wall sound-insulated doors reduce noise.

- Fluorescent lighting brightly illuminates work chamber.
- Generous 12.5" by 19.5" window gives operator commanding view.
- 150-cfm exhauster maximizes visibility inside cabinet.
- Operator-controlled domestic-water wash system maintains clean window for clear view of work.
- Foot pedal activates blast process and minimizes operator fatigue.
- Fingertip-activated rinsing control speeds work flow.

- 14-gauge stainless steel cabinet and grating provide rust-free blasting environment.
- Pressure regulator with gauge is within easy reach on light module. Toggle switches activate lighting, exhauster, and diaphragm pump.
- Diaphragm pump ensures ready supply of media/water to maintain efficient work flow.
- Adjustable, heavy-duty chrome latches seal doors tight through years of service.

Available Documentation:
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