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BNP Double 65 Suction Blast Cabinet
BNP blast cabinets deliver efficient, affordable media blasting to clean, peen, deburr, or finish parts.


* Full-length, neoprene-on-fabric gloves resist wear and protect operator.
* Safety interlocks interrupt blasting if either door is opened.


* Two stations provide easy access to blast from either station to accomodate long or complex parts. One nozzle and foot pedal are standard.
* Double suction blast cabinet features two blast guns as standard.
* Unique Air Logic system (pilot actuated) to maximize air flow to the nozzle.
* Ceiling-mounted, two-tube fluorescent light fixture with abrasive resistant Lexan cover for extraordinary visibility.
* 14-gauge steel all-welded construction, forms a rigid, long-lasting cabinet shell.


* Tilt-out window, for tool-free glass changes in minutes.
* Double-wall, sound-insulated doors on both ends, industrial-quality lift-off hinges.
* Pressure regulator, gauge, air and electric switch mounted within easy reach.
* Built-in blow-off gun helps keep dust inside the cabinet, not on your floor.

Available Documentation:
View - 24892 - BNP Double 65 Suction Blast Cabinet

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