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Blast Rooms

Custom Blast Rooms
We offer custom blast rooms in any range of sizes and to fit any need.

Available Documentation:
View - 12'w-10'T-20'L Above ground recovery - "GLASS BEAD"
View - 12'w-9'T-25'L Sweep in recovery - "STEEL GRIT"
View - 12'w-9'T-28'L Below ground sweep in-"ALUM OXIDE"
View - 14'w-10'T-28'L Below ground sweep in - "GARNET"
View - 20'w-15'T-25'L manual loading - "PLASTIC MEDIA"
View - 26'w-24'T-35'L "H floor" - "STEEL GRIT"
View - Clemco blastroom request for quotation
View - Clemco pre assembled blast room
View - Clemco sweep in recovery systems

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