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Nozzles & Holders
Clemco offers more than 150 nozzles in economical tungsten carbide, rugged boron carbide, and ultra-light, ultra-durable silicon carbide. Choose short or long, metal, urethane, or rubber jacket. Clemco nozzles come with Contractor threads, standard threads, or flanged mounting to fit a variety of nozzle holders.

Available Documentation:
View - 21978 - Metal-Jacketed, Silicon Carbide-Lined (Rev. B)
View - 21979 - Urethane-Jacketed, Silicon Carbide-Lined(Rev. B)
View - 21986 - Metal-Jacketed, Tungsten Carbide-Lined (Rev. B)
View - 23414 - Rubber-Jacketed, Tungsten Carbide-Lined (Rev. B)
View - 24184 - Metal-Jacketed, Boron Carbide-Lined (Rev. A)
View - 24185 - CT Nozzles, 3/4" Thread (Rev. B)
View - nylon nozzle holders
View - quick coupling nozzle holder

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