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Steel Shot/Grit
Basic Applications for AMASTEEL & AMACAST Abrasives
Although abrasives are used in the production of a wide array of products, they have four primary applications.

1. As a blast cleaning medium, shot, grit, or a mixture, is used to remove various forms of surface contamination from a broad spectrum of steel foundry or metal products.

2. In a peening application, shot is used to impart compressive strength to torque or load bearing metal parts, such as jet engine turbine blades, automotive springs, or heavy equipment crankshafts.

3. As a cutting medium, hard shot and grit is used in gang-saws to process granite and marble blocks.

4. In addition, the sharp, angular form of grit makes it ideal for etching a textured surface on metal thus enhancing its ability to bond paint, enamel, rubber or other coatings.

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