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Corn Cob
Corn Cobs can be used as an effective blasting media for a range of applications. Corn Cobs are a softer material similar in nature to Walnut Shells, but without the natural oils or residue. Corn Cobs contain no free silica, produces little dust, and comes from an environmentally friendly, renewable source.

Applications include Electrical Motors, generators, machinery, fiberglass, wooden boat hulls, log homes and cabins, deflashing sensitive metal and plastic parts, jet engines, heavy equipment, electrical substations, brick houses, aluminum molds, and turbines.

Corn Cobs unique properties make it suitable for polishing, deburring and as a vibratory finishing media. It can be used for cartridge and casing polishing, plastic parts, button rivets, nuts and bolts. When used in vibratory applications, it will not scratch aluminum or fine brass parts. Corn cob polishing media works well in both large and small machines.


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