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Crushed Glass
Crushed Glass is one of the more versatile materials we carry. All crushed glass sizes are non-metallic, eliminating the possibility for ferrous contamination on sensitive parts. This material also has a very low embedment rate, much lower than that of other expendable abrasives.

Coarser sizes leave a clean even surface for coating applications. Coarse sizes are primarily used for steel tanks, ships, and thick castings.

Medium sizes are used for general steel surface preparation and leave a minimum of disturbance. Consistent screening control ensures a smooth surface for painting afterwards. Medium sizes include graffiti removal, general rust removal, mill scale removal and even stainless steel preparation.

Finer sizes are extremely gentle, leaving perfectly smooth surfaces with virtually no disturbance compared to traditional blast medias. Fine size uses include delicate sheet metal, wood restoration and most applications where very delicate cleaning properties are required.


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