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Plastic Media
Plastic abrasives deliver a high stripping rate and consistent performance, ideal for paint stripping, mold cleaning, deflashing and deburring.

Sandblasting, using compressed air, is traditionally used to prepare surfaces for coatings. The sharp particles of aluminum oxide or other media abrade the surface. Incidental corrosion, rust, and old coatings are removed in the process, leaving a good surface for paint adhesion.

However, substrates other than steel can often not tolerate this aggressive surface preparation and, as a consequence, wet chemical strippers are employed to remove coatings. Aluminum, brass and plastic composites, including fiberglass, are often treated in this way.

Using plastic abrasives has been proven to significantly reduce the generation of hazardous waste that using wet chemical strippers can cause. In addition, the use of plastic abrasives has proven to be faster, less damaging to the substrate and much less expensive than wet chemicals. Since the plastic abrasive is harder than the coatings to be removed, yet softer than the substrate, coatings can actually be stripped three or four times without damage to the surface.


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